Custom Made Furniture

We do a wide range of custom made furniture in Singapore, and are experienced with wooden and timber furniture. Other than wood furniture, we also custom make modern leather furniture for homes and offices in Singapore.

Customizing your Living Room Furniture

Homes have to be the most comfortable places for one to retreat and relax in. The first spot for one to relax after a hard day’s work is none other than the living room sofas or couches. Other than customizing loose furniture like corner sofas, coffee tables & ottomans, even built-in living room furniture such as home bars complete with bar stools, tv stands, display cabinets, wall units (tv consoles), etc, can all be custom made to suit one’s lifestyle and the desired quality of living.

Custom Made Dining Room & Kitchen Furniture

Dining room furniture like wood or glass dining tables and dining chairs can be fabricated accordingly to the desired designs to suit an interior theme or fit the dining space.

Kitchens can also be tailor-made with kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors and kitchen islands custom made with your choice of colours, materials and accessories used.

Custom Made Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are where you spend most time resting and sleeping and therefore must be made as comfortable and convenient as possible. We manufacture custom made bedroom furniture such as custom made fitted wardrobes, cupboards, closets as well as bedding furniture like sofa beds, bedframes, headboards, and even loft beds and platform bed designs.

For closets, we also do custom made sliding wardrobe doors, or if you have bigger space, we also customize designs for walk-in-closets for a more luxurious feel.

Customized Bedroom Furniture for Children

We also custom made kids furniture for their bedrooms. Children’s beds can be built according to sizes and to any particular theme or design they prefer.

Home Office Furniture

The home office concept is one that has the most space constraint to work with. Thus custom made wood or metal home office furniture is the way to go for optimal utilization of space. Office desks and chairs, bookcases, bookshelves or shelving units are often customized and integrated with home furniture into one reception space for business operation as well as for residential living.

Bathroom Furniture

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms around the house but they can be custom made too. From bathroom cabinets, vanity units, mirrors to even shower screens and trays; your bathroom furniture can all be customized to make them part of a unique experience to unwind.

Customizable Interior Doors & Windows

Apart from furniture, we also fabricate custom made front doors, interior doors, screen doors, various types of sliding doors and windows.

We also manufacture custom made exterior doors and gates, therefore living room furniture can be customized and designed right from the point where you enter your home.