Display Cabinets

We are one of the most affordable manufacturers of not just custom glass display cabinets, but also acrylic and wooden display cabinets in Singapore.

Display Cabinets for Homes

We make a variety of home furniture display cabinets for all purposes such as tv display cabinets for the living room, of which some can be specifically for trophy display as well as can be doubled up as display cabinets for models or collectibles. Other than for display, the cabinets for the living room are often built as integrated tv consoles where video recorders, players, remote controls, cables and stereo system are housed and stored. As the focal main piece of furniture in the hall, the tv display cabinet is always the most requested customized piece of wood furniture in the house. It is also ideal to have display cabinets for organizing toys and books in young children’s bedrooms.

Display Cabinets for Kitchens & Dining Rooms

We also design and customize dining room and kitchen display cabinets. For home kitchens, the display cabinets serve mainly as storage cabinets for crockery, cutlery, pots and pans; dining room display cabinets sometimes come with top open shelving for displaying cute plates, dishes and cups as a decorative feature for the dining hall.

Commercial Display Cabinets

Other than homes, we also build display cabinets for retail purposes. Commercial glass display cabinets are targeted at displaying their merchandise and products either in or outside the shops. We are experienced in building store and exhibition display cabinets for watches, jewellery, optical wear and even food.

There are several aspects one should consider when customizing display cabinets.

Design of the Display Cabinets

Consider the interior design of your home before you decide if you want modern, contemporary or vintage display cabinets to integrate with the rest of the theme. Display cabinets can be lighted so as to accentuate the products for appreciation.

The display cabinets can be configured to suit the space available. For example, for corner spaces, we can design corner display cabinets in the form of cubes or quadrants. For exhibitions, counter display cabinets with open or enclosed counter tops are made into light weight units, so they can become portable to move around. Portable display cabinets can also be built with castor wheels at the bottom for easy maneuvering.

There are also display cabinets that can be fixed in positions such as those meant to display merchandise in stores or shops. The built-in display cabinets can be wall mounted or wall hung for showcasing convenience to customers. They can be a series of display units placed side by side or as a single stretch. Tall display cabinets can be built to full height for a cleaner look. For a sleeker appearance, we recommend frameless display glass cabinets especially for areas that are small in creating greater depth of space.

Material for Display Cabinets

We work with different types of materials for display cabinets including acrylic, wood, and even solid wood. We deal with teak, mahogany and other timber for wooden display cabinets. They can also be stained for dark wood finish. You may also opt for coloured finishes such as white display cabinets by spray painting or selected laminates. Wooden display cabinets with glass doors are also popular choices.

Lighting and Locking Accessories add-ons

Lighting for display cabinets is important especially for merchandises for stores, shops or exhibitions. Lighted glass display cabinets not only enhances the presentation of the products, they also serve as light boxes as part of the store’s design. Types of lightings used for display cabinets include LED, spotlight, xenon light, strip lighting, fluorescent, halogen lightings, etc.

Lockable display cabinets are mostly for valuable items to be either stored or displayed in cabinets. For commercial display cabinets, items such as jewellery, collectibles, watches, etc, will require a lockset integrated with the cabinet for safekeeping.