HDB Interior Design

HDB Interior Design

You do not need to stay in a private or landed property to be able to live in a nice environment. Most of us stay in HDB flats in Singapore; HDB interior designs can be done as tastefully as the interior design ideas that you have seen from interior magazines and showrooms.

We are experienced in designing beautiful and functional interiors for HDB flat owners. Hence, so long as we keep certain criteria of yours in mind, we are able to work within the renovation package and work around whatever environmental constraints you may have to present your ideal home with style.

Flat Types & Models

Most of us live in 5-room, 4-room and 3-room HDB flats in Singapore. These flat types are further classified into models ‘I’ (Improved), ‘S’ (Standard), ‘A’, ‘NG’ (New Generation), etc.  Model A often meant larger in size.

Flat types and models play a critical part when it comes to designing the interiors of HDB flats as they are the basis of the floor plans interior designers work on. For example, some earlier 3-room standard types come with only one bathroom, we will then need to work on expanding the bathroom space. Depending on the time the flats were built, some may come with refuse chutes built in their kitchens instead of sharing a centralized refuse chute located on each floor. The interior designer is then required to conceal this unsightly chute area in your kitchen. Flats built earlier may not come with household shelters while household shelters are mandatory in every household flat built from the late 1990s. The household shelters often take up a large space of the unit and can appear too stark for some due to its huge fire-retardant door. We will then need to come up with design ideas to integrate the household shelter into the rest of the interior such that it blends into the living environment seamlessly.

Sizes of HDB Flats

The bigger your HDB flat is, the more room for creative interior design ideas. For example, more bedrooms will allow the flexibility of having different themes to distinguish the characteristics of each room if you want. Extra rooms may also be converted to walk-in wardrobes. More spacious kitchens will allow more functional features to be incorporated, for example, you can have an island counter for additional preparation and storage space or as an accent centerpiece for a focal display. For smaller flats, rooms may be amalgamated to form larger living spaces. An existing outdoor balcony can also be extended into the living room to make your indoor living space bigger. When it comes to kitchen renovations and design, utility or yard areas can also be combined with the kitchen space for a more spacious look.

Occupants in the Flat

The occupants staying in the flat must also be considered when it comes to the interior design of your home. For example, if you have babies or small children at home, you may want the colour schemes of your home to be bright and vibrant in enhancing their development and learning experience for the next years to come. Perhaps you may also want to have a more fluid built-in design such that sharp edges and corners can be avoided, and minimize having any drops or raised platforms, in preventing unnecessary accidents. If you have pets at home, you may want to refrain from using carpeted material, and opt for tiles for the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

For schooling kids, planning for ample storage such as racks, shelves and cabinets for books and other learning materials is essential in creating a conducive learning environment for them. If there are elderly occupants, there is a need to incorporate sufficient lightings and non-slip material into the design features of your home.

HDB Renovation Permit

Depending on the scope of interior design works, you may or may not require an approval from HDB. If your design works involve hacking, such as amalgamation of rooms that involve demolition of existing walls, or the replacement of existing wall tiles that involves the hacking of existing wall finishes, then most likely you will need HDB’s prior written approval and clearance before the works can be carried out. For new flats, the applicant is given up to three months to complete the works while only one month is given to existing flat owners. The interior designing consultancy firm or contractor you engage will submit your application on your behalf to the Housing & Development Board.