HDB 4-room renovation packages offered in Singapore are highly versatile for our customers as 4-room flat types remain the most common, making up the highest percentage of HDB dwellings in Singapore.

Although the sizes of 4-room HDB flats have decreased over time (today’s average size of a HDB 4-room unit is approximately 90 sqm, or 969 sqft), renovating or remodeling 4-room HDB unit types still offer a good base size for HDB contractors to work on due to the various 4 room models (4A, 4NG, 4I, 4S & 4STD) made available by the Housing and Development Board. They are also often of regularly-shaped layouts. The 4A type is generally bigger than the rest of the four-room flat type floor plans; some are even up to 105 sqm in size.

4-Room HDB Renovation – what to note?

HDB 4-room flats typically come with a living room (doubled up as living/ dining areas), 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite to master bedroom, 1 common bath), and a kitchen.

Key areas of consideration when renovating, revamping or re-configuring a 4-room HDB flat:


Beside the type of floor finishes you select, the floor area largely determines the cost of new flooring.  An average 4-room HDB flat is of 90 sqm, or 969 sqft in area. Assuming an average per square foot price for laminate flooring (simulated wood flooring finish) to be at $4.00 psf. Taking 85% of the total floor area as living and bedrooms floor space, expect to pay at least about $3,300 for laminate flooring alone.

If you opt for better quality flooring such as hardwood floors or marble finish, be prepared to pay about 2 or 3 times of what it would have costs you for laminate flooring, respectively (> $6,000 for hardwood flooring and >$9,000 for marble floors).

Wall Finishes

The easiest and quickest way to treat your walls is by painting them. If you engage a renovation contractor for the job, the renovation company would definitely include painting service as one of the items. Based on today’s HDB painting prices, painting contractors typically charge about $1,600 to paint up a whole 4-room HDB flat unit. If customers prefer premium paints such as Odourless or Wash and Wear, they can expect to pay approximately an additional $500 on top of the regular quotation. This price may be lower if the renovator that you engage also does the painting job as part of the HDB renovation package.

Other wall treatments such as wallpaper or special effect painting, for eg, Momento painting, charges will differ according to the quality of the material and the skills and experience of the painting workers.

Built-in Furniture & Fittings

Another aspect of renovation that contributes to the bulk of the renovation cost is built-in furniture. Wardrobes, walk-in closets, kitchen cabinets, sink, hood & hob, bathroom cabinets, are home basics. Such storage systems and spaces are necessary to keep household things in place.

Other built-in features such as cornices, cove lightings, curtain pelmets, platforms, box-ups, etc are optional. As time advances, many customers opt for minimalistic approach to renovating their flats in order to keep designs clean and simple as well as minimize expenses.

Hacking & removal works

Reconfiguration and revamp works are sometimes necessary especially when you buy over a resale flat with pre-existing built-in conditions you do not like. It is common to hack away and replace old flooring tiles, old wardrobes, old bathroom fittings, and even structures such as walls and decorative arches when you buy over a resale flat.

Some 4-room HDB flat owners prefer to amalgamate their master bedroom with another common bedroom to create a seamless walk-in-wardrobe space for that luxurious feel and convenience.

4-Room HDB flat under DBSS & BTO Schemes

If you purchase a 4-room HDB flat under the DBSS Scheme (Design, Build & Sell Scheme), the unit would have come with ready higher-end interior finishes including wall and floor finishes, kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes and sanitary fittings. This bulk of built-in costs can be paid through your CPF, and this can provide some financial relief to some HDB home owners.

And if you opted in for the OCS (Optional Component Scheme) for your HDB BTO (Build-To-Order) flat, you will also save some costs in doing up your living room and bedrooms floor finishes, internal doors as well as your sanitary fittings like wash basins, shower mixers, faucets and taps, etc.

HDB Renovation Permit

As with all HDB renovation works in Singapore, all HDB owners who wish to renovate or revamp their flat units will have to apply for a HDB renovation permit for approval from the HDB prior to carrying out any refurbishment or restorative works. The renovator is able to submit the application on your behalf to HDB for their approval.

The renovation company has to be a contractor that is licensed and registered with the Housing & Development Board, regardless if a renovation permit is required.

The list of renovation works (building & sanitary works) that require a HDB renovation permit can be found under the HDB Renovation Guidelines.

Renovation Costs (estimated) for a 4-Room HDB flat

Considering the above and taking an example a new 4-room flat with basic average requirements, you can expect to set aside minimally:

Flooring: $5,000

Painting: $1,600

Built-in: $11,000

Misc – Electrical wiring, lightings, air-conditioners, fittings: $5,000

Total: $22,600

Note: This is only a guideline for those who are looking to renovate their 4-room HDB flats. HDB renovation package prices can differ from case to case depending on the type of finishes and materials selected, quality of workmanship, floor area, flat sizes, etc.

Where older flats or resale flats are concerned, additional works such as plastering to smoothen uneven wall and ceiling surfaces, hacking of old floor finishes and retiling works, dismounting of old kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, etc will incur more costs than just refurbishing the place alone.