It is amazing how using only one family of colors can create a variety of textures, depth and tones to a room. In this blog, I shall talk about gray-on-grey.

We don’t have to always go back to its black and white parentage if you’d asked me. Think of some of the colors with grey overlay. What do you get? With green, it gives emerald and jade. With red, it gives clay, brick and terracotta. With yellow come khakis, beige and browns. With purples and blues you have beautiful lavender and Mediterranean blue.

Grey has the ability to mute out colors that tend to be a little too energetic for a space but from which the warmth is still desired.

Gray Thinking with Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Interior Design Color Scheme - Grey

Grey is no doubt the perfect color and shade to set the mood for a bedroom. And please don’t think it the wrong way.50 Shades of Grey happened years ago, so let’s just move on.

The shade of gray is often related with modernism, minimalism and even a little mysticism especially from the cooler tones. As such this is a highly sought after color for bachelor (or bachelorette) pads, or among couples with no kids, as well as the chic and hippy singletons who mostly settle for smaller spaces such as loft apartments or studio apartments where the living room and bedroom designs for smaller spaces are openly and seamlessly integrated.

Grey has a mystical aura about it, but when paired right, it marries the other colors well, taming them down to a calming state, ideal for a room for relaxation and rest.

Grey for Bedroom Interior Styles – Just Cool, Not Cold.

When you have warm and cool hues to play with a certain color, you can break the monotony of a visual effect. Likewise, by introducing different textures, you create different facets to a space, hence different functions within a room without having too many colours to distinguish the pockets of interior spaces therein.

Far from depicting solemness, the shades of grey can, at the very least, appears cool, but not cold. Just as clay versus cement. Just as pottery versus stone. Who is to say they exude the same degree of ardor or solitude? The layering of the different shades and the styling of the room soften its magnitude and nourish its barren state at the same time. This is how amazing grey is.

Grey Matters for Ultimate Living

The colour grey offers character to the surface it executes on and stands through the age of time. Grey has been present from the primeval raw and organic nature of rocks, coal and earth right through the modern industrial revolution of concrete and steel, before finally making it into the chips, chrome casings and hardware satin finish of our devices in the digital age today.

It really is an intelligent color. Grey matter is there for a reason.