Loft apartments with mezzanine floors are not common in Singapore, but if you do live in one, here are some tips on how you can style such a space of a higher ceiling height, starting with some living room ideas for lofts.

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Loft Interior Designs: Apartments That Speak Double The Volume

High ceilings, double the living spaces, lofty stairs leading the way up and down, open-style kitchens and the sense of openness looking up to the mezzanine floors and down from up there to the living spaces below, are all characteristics of a loft-style apartment and the beauty of living in one.

Having double the volumes also means double the vastness, double the height, and for most loft apartments, double the height of the windows and hence double the exterior views, whether they are faced by lush greenery, the city streetscape, or the skyline. These further translates to double the ventilation, and double the amount of natural light that can be let into the loft space.

What all these means is that you have to start thinking of how to design and decorate this space vertically, in terms of its altitude, from its lowest to its highest points, in an upright manner, and not just considering the depth of the space and its floor area.

Loft Interior Design Ideas

Dressing the Heart of Loft Living Space

You have that vertical span of space in lofts, but what about the space in midair? The emptiness of this airspace is evident in the living room; it is almost like a courtyard where skylight penetrates in the most with nothingness in the void, except where, in a courtyard it opens to the sky. But in loft apartments, this section of air is a vacuum. If you do not have something to hover around that space, a loft living room can look and feel empty. It can even sound empty when the space echoes against the high ceiling and the floor. It is akin to having a loft bed, but with a void below that serves no purpose. It’ll make more sense to have a loft bed with a desk or a wardrobe below, so that the pockets serve as interactive spaces to one another.

Have something to fill in that middle void, i.e. get something in suspension like a pendant light or a chandelier hung from the top. If suspended features are not your thing, you can have a standing lamp that arches its way to this space. Come night time, you can imagine how cold and dark a place with a high ceiling can be. So it is always a good idea to have some candlelit glow to set a cozy evening mood.

A Modern Industrial Loft Gallery Style Interior

Lofts tend to always be associated with the hip, bachelor-like, SoHo lifestyle. As such, the approach to decorating it as far as interior designs are concerned are gravitated towards the artistic, industrial and modern loft interior design look.

Loft apartments have double the volumes, hence double the wall spaces as well. This means you have ample vertical surfaces to be dressed up. The lengthy walls can be dry brushed and hatched for a cold ‘cemented’ look, or they can be excellent for tall murals of, say, pop art or abstract paintings to be hung. Tall windows are perfect for a more dramatic look since they have the heights; for example, you may dress the windows with draperies for that thespian feel for those who love some arts and cultural elements in their home designs. Whether it is creating that modern edgy texture to walls, introducing those long silky curtain folds to the windows, or adding that splash of colors from Mondrian’s inspired works to the interiors, accent touches like these can impact the whole loft interior by bringing out the character of a loft living style immensely,

The Art of Tapestry for Privacy

You want to show off the altitude of your living space but you also need to have that sense of depth without showing too much of privacy.

Introducing elements into the air space create a feature or features that bring forth additional dimensions to the living hall space as you come in through your main door. By creating that subtle barrier,any direct glances into less ‘guest-friendly’ spaces such as your open kitchen, can be delicately masked.

Apart from lighting fixtures, you can do with other interior decorative ideas including a tall floral arrangement, artifacts or sculptures that could also achieve some screening effect to a certain extent.

The Loft Staircase Design

Taking a cue from the existing loft staircase design is always a good start to developing more loft interior design ideas. Often, when you buy over a loft unit, the staircase has already been built with all the  handrails, railings, parapets or barricades on site.

Depending on the type of loft apartment you live in, the designs of the staircase can be of wood structures comprising of wooden steps, timber handrails and balustrades, with or without intricate wood moldings and trimmings, in colonial or contemporary styles; or it can be of glass railing, steel handrail and stone treads and risers in the name of modern, minimalist interior designs.You may echo the timber steps with a warm hardwood floor, or the dark marble slabs of the treads with your marble flooring. If the railing is glass with steel bolts, you may get a glass dining table with chrome legs to compliment the stairs as part of the dining area interior design idea.

The core of loft interiors lies in the stairwell as it is the central feature that leads one’s vision from the bottom up through the whole vertical span of the interior aesthetics. So it can be necessary to tie in the loft staircase design and color scheme with that of the rest of the surrounding spaces so that things pan smoother as your vision takes in its entirety.