Platform beds with storage spaces are smart home solutions to space optimization as well as creating a well-organized living environment. The most obvious reason of raising any floor level with a platform is to integrate drawers, cabinets or any form of compartments below so that things can be stored out of sight to free up more visible areas so that the room looks de-cluttered.

This concept can also be further developed to materialize the idea of having “rooms within a room”; in which a large bedroom can be subdivided into smaller but still very functional spaces where the user can carry about his or her lifestyle activities such as walk-in-wardrobes, study and dressing spaces, on top of the storage compartments that are neatly integrated into this same holistically designed built-in system in the form of loft or mezzanine floors. An example of of this multi-purpose set up is shown below.

Platform Bed Frames with Storage Unit Spaces

Platform Loft Bed Frame with Desk System

The above illustrates a space-saving bedroom furniture idea, and how the bedroom, if given enough space and ceiling height, can have multiple decks of spaces, incorporating the idea and design of a walk-in-closet at the same time. The walk-in-wardrobe is built on the first level, with lower cabinetry compartments customized on one side and made accessible from the top of the intermediary platform through trap doors.An access door to the walk-in-closet space is optional. A desk and a bookcase at the side near the window on this intermediary platform functions as a study area. The trap doors to the storage space below should be made clear of furniture and other obstruction for easy access and retrieval of things. One may store books, sport equipment, stationery, etc in this ‘basement’ compartment.

The study deck level need not be constructed across to form the base on which the bed sits in this case if the room height is sufficient. This study deck then acts as a floor level to the platform bed or loft bed design, so that the base of the bed frame is elevated to form the ceiling height of the custom walk-in-closet below.

Extra Storage Spaces tucked away neatly you wouldn’t even notice!

Each individual step of the stairs that lead from the room’s original floor level to the study platform level can be made into storage boxes with pull-out drawers for more storage solutions. The bed is made accessible by steps from the study platform hence additional storage compartment in the form of drawers or lower cabinets with swing or sliding doors can also be incorporated behind this step unit.