Kitchen Renovation

What does a Kitchen Renovation Package include?

Whether it is a new kitchen or a kitchen that requires remodeling or refurnishing, the job scopes for kitchen renovations differ from customer to customer, hence we make sure we tailor-make different renovation packages to suit everyone’s needs. Renovating a kitchen is not just about kitchen cabinets designs but involve a lot of co-ordination and time management.

Hacking, demolishing & Dismantling

Existing kitchen wall and floor tiles will have to be hacked off if they are to be replaced with new kitchen tiles. Some may just want a partial kitchen renovation, for example, just to do new kitchen cabinets and countertop; in this case, the kitchen contractor will not need to touch the walls or floors.

There may be a need to change the kitchen layout, for example, to extend the kitchen into the yard area. Such works will require demolishing some walls or curb and the need to re-lay waterproofing.

For existing kitchen cabinets, obviously the kitchen old carpentry works will have to be dismantled and taken down to make way for new cabinetry.

Supplying, Building and Installing

Whether it concerns construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical or accessorizing works, we will need to order and supply the materials prior to providing labour for the installation works for the kitchen renovation. Before we get started, protection works to the flooring and walls must be done first. We will put up protective covering and sheets on those areas we would not want to leave scratches, marks or stains on.

The costs of renovation often vary primarily due to the customers’ materials selection. The quality, type and quantity of the building material and surface finishes can differ substantially. For example, laminate kitchen cabinets will be relatively cheaper than veneered ones. Wood veneers for kitchen cabinets as well as solid countertops such as Corian are charged based on per square foot basis. Therefore the more extensive your cabinetry is, the more it will cost.

For those who have the luxury of space of an open kitchen, it is a good idea to have a kitchen island as a central focal point that not only provides extra storage space but also as a working space as it has a more spacious countertop. Building a plinth below the kitchen island will also be necessary to give it the height and stability.

Other major kitchen remodeling works can include masonry works such as erecting an additional wall or parapet, building of cement plinths for fridges, washing machines or dryers. Changing of kitchen flooring will mean not only replacing of floor tiles but also laying of new waterproofing membrane.

Other minor kitchen installation works may include changing of kitchen sliding doors for most HDB flats, or double swing doors, as well as fixing some of the kitchen accessories like dish racks, and built-in kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, cooking hoods and hobs, etc, and any other kitchen materials or furniture necessary in accordance to the customers’ kitchen decorating ideas.

Electrical & Plumbing Services

Supplying and installation works can also mean providing equipment, tools and labour to commission electrical and plumbing works. Where stainless steel or copper water piping concealed within the kitchen cabinets is concerned, we will always to prefer carrying out the plumbing works personally to working with other plumbers in order to ensure smooth coordination of works.

Kitchen Painting Service

To wrap up a full kitchen renovation, some customers may require us to refresh their kitchens by giving them a new coat of paint. This is definitely more economical than to get a separate painting contractor to do since we are able to work the painting service into our kitchen renovation package.

Logistics – Haulage of Goods & Transport

All of the renovation works to the kitchen will not be possible without the logistical support that comes with it. We provide prompt transport of workers and goods & materials to your premises and ensure that renovating your kitchen is a timely and orderly process.