Bedroom Furniture Designs: Space Saving Ideas

We have talked about having loft beds as one of the space-saving ideas especially within small bedrooms. However having small bedrooms does not mean that your creativity in interior designing and planning has to be restricted. In fact, constraints sometimes inspire creativity.

We have some past projects with our customers to prove this point, and we hope these bedroom design ideas can be helpful in your space planning whether you’re renovating a HDB flat or smaller studio apartment.

Interior design of bedrooms: Ways to Save Space with Furniture

Loft Beds with Wardrobe or Cabinets Below

The bed and the wardrobe are two of the bulkiest items in a bedroom. If you can combine them into one, a substantial amount of space can be saved. The below drawings illustrated how different loft bed designs and ideas can be implemented to create more space in a bedroom.

Bedroom & Loft Bed Space Saving Ideas Singapore
The above design optimizes the small room space fully by converting the void space under his loft bed to a wardrobe space. Where there is further space available, for example, the small compartment below the stair landing, another small storage cabinet can be created to store books, toys, toiletries, stationery, socks and shoes, etc. A double-tier clothe-hanging system with a top shelf is then configured within that main pocket of space and customized accordingly to his requirements. Additionally, the stairs unit is also made into a series of steps with pull-out storage (except for those two steps with 45 degree-turns).

Loft bed designs - wardrobe below to save space Singapore
The space-saving principle of this layout is the same, i.e. to integrate the wardrobe space into the void under the loft bed. Likewise, the bed frame is customized from one end to the wall to another, with the stairs butting against the wall instead of being outside.This way, a passageway is created between the wall and the end of the bed. This loft bed design gives a neater front view, however storage spaces are less optimized.

Sliding Doors to Wardrobe instead of Swing Doors

This may seem an obvious choice for some but many still opt for swing doors for their cupboards today. Not that swing doors are outdated, but doing away with the room for swinging indeed saves a great deal of space. Wardrobes with sliding doors require only about half a meter wide of aisle for access, whereas a swing door panel takes up to more than half of this clearance for making room for the door opening alone, excluding any access passage.

Ceiling or Wall-Mounted Fan in place of Standing Fan

Many people are still go for standing fans because of their mobility, and that they are flexible enough to be relocated from one room to another if need be. However, if the stand fan is in constant use, it makes sense for it to stay. Standing fans take up space in the room, therefore alternative ways to include a fan feature in the room is to have it wall mounted or install a ceiling fan above the floor. This may also result in better air ventilation since it is located at a higher spot and circulates the air more evenly.

Pull-out Storage Unit under Bed

This space-saving idea in the bedroom is not new, but has always been and still is commonly adopted today. Furniture shops also sell bed frames that come with storage space below; some of which the bed platforms have to be flipped up to access the storage spaces underneath, creating extreme inconvenience to the user especially when one gets older.

Bedroom Interior Designs Ideas Storage under beds to save space
An example of a smarter bed design is illustrated above. Four units of pull-out drawers on roller wheels are stowed beneath this King sized bed; two at each side so these storage boxes can be accessible on both sides of the bed. These boxes can be moved in and out easily without straining your back, and offer ample storage spaces for clothes, books and toiletries within reach, freeing up some space in the bedroom.

Living Room & Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for Small Rooms & Loft Apartments

The idea of loft living has in recent time become increasingly appealing and appreciated by a lot of people across the world, and of late, in Singapore due to the smaller floor areas of apartments. A loft apartment is described as a large adjustable open space that can be converted from their original uses to a residential use. Most lofts, until recently, usually were commercial or industrial buildings that have been converted into apartments for residential purpose. Apart from having wide open space without internal walls, especially in western cities, loft apartments also have features like high ceiling, mezzanine floors, exposed ventilator tubes, piping, and support beams and poles.

Small Living Room and Bedroom Designs and Ideas in Singapore

It is often difficult to create living room design ideas or bedroom designs in a loft apartment because it has a continuous open space. However in order to create a living room design or bedroom design and other separate places such as the kitchen area, dining area etc, in your loft space, a good way is to use furniture as dividers. For example, it is easy to separate an open kitchen and living area by making use of high kitchen tables.

Space Demarcation by Floor Finishes

Carpeting or various floor finishes can also be used to distinguish one area from the other. The living room design and bedroom design in terms of carpeting or floor finishing can be different from the kitchen area. You can also use rugs to designate certain areas by strategically placing them. You can place a rug at the center of an area with furniture surrounding it to create a living room design. It can also be placed diagonally to show the direction from one room to another.

Room Delineation with Paint Colors

Another tip that will be helpful in the interior designs of living rooms or bedrooms in a loft apartment is the use of paints. Painting one side of the walls in your loft apartment with one color and the other side with a different color can also help distinguish different areas. One certain color can be chosen for the living room design and another for the kitchen area.

Area Separation & Space Saver with Different Types of Furniture

The type of furniture you use in your loft apartment and how you do the arrangement is also very important. When buying furniture, you should consider the types that will not take up so much space in your apartment. Potted plants can also be strategically placed to separate one area from another. Beds and even bookshelves can be pulled out of the walls when they are needed to be used, and can be folded away, especially the bed during the day so that you can have a wider space for something else. You may also want to consider having loft beds that can double up as a work station or office area beneath.

Creation of Illusionary Bigger Space with Mirrors

You can position mirrors strategically to give the impression of a larger room for your small loft apartment. Mirrors can make a room that is small to appear bigger. Care should be taken when placing the mirrors to the wall since a lot of lofts have brick walls, and therefore may be difficult to hang anything there.

You can have a simple but yet, an elegant look for your small loft apartment if you place the furniture at the right corners of the room. Create spaces between furniture for easy movement when arranging the place. Do not forget to add accessories such as curtains, pillows, lamps and make sure they have a match with other objects inside to enhance your living room design.