TV Console Designs

We customize wood tv console designs in oak, cherry and many other materials specified by our customers both in solid wood frames as well as in veneer or laminate finishes. We keep in mind that the designs of the tv consoles and tv display cabinets have to be functional and contemporary and modern-looking at the same time.

Designs of Modern TV Consoles

Most people opt for modern and contemporary designs for their tv consoles as they are evergreen and easier to mix and match with the other furniture. TV console is the main center piece in the living room or bedroom; many often it doubles up as the main display cabinet in the house. If you set it as the main feature of a room, it is wise to keep the design as modish- looking and current as you like as this will also save you some time and money in having to replace it once it grows out of trend; especially if the tv console has an impact of tying in the design theme with the rest of the furniture pieces together.

Modern tv consoles designs Singapore

What makes a modern or contemporary tv console design?

Lesser Clutter, Minimalism

The lesser intricacies and detailing a piece of furniture has, the easier it is for the eyes because it offers more light reflection, hence the sense of space, visually. It may not be technically true that a minimalistic furniture increases space but it certainly help to ‘de-clutter’ your vision. Simple tricks such as bigger panels, frameless system, going knob-less, are all workable for a modern cabinetry design approach.

Linear Forms

Shelving that is sparsely inter-spaced, frames that are of straight-cut edges, wood grains or grooves that run vertically or length-wise are all linear aspects of the design. Linear patterns, when not overly-done, can create a crisp and sharp look, giving off a modern and avant-garde feel. Notice the contrary is true for furniture of retro designs which tend to do with more fluid forms or with elements of varying angles.

Color Tones & Blocks

Colour tones are important for modern furniture. Stylish and contemporary pieces often echo monochromes to defy conventionalism or neutral tones to depict organic colors and timelessness.

The saying “less is more” is not just a modern approach to doing things but also aptly applicable to the thing, in this case, the tv console furniture itself. We advise customers to stick to not more than three blocks of colours so as to maintain an incomplex design. While modernism is not just about black and white, involving too many colours complicates the intent and draws attention from the style appreciation.

Tv Consoles for Flat Screens

 Tv consoles can be standalone low cabinets for tv stands or can be wall mounted and integrated with a panel backing for flat screens or plasma televisions to be mounted on as well. Having a sideboard with an extended back panel enables more design like shelving, top hung cabinets, pigeon holes, etc to be incorporated. The most advantageous of all is that all cables and wires linking to your audio and visual equipment can be at the ‘back of house’ and out of sight from the front perspective.

For a fancier tv console design idea, one can create an alcove or niche like what we have done in the middle picture and make use of some cove lighting to brighten up that corner.