HDB Renovation Services

HDB Renovation packages usually come in different range to suit different HDB types and renovation budgets. There is no way to fix HDB renovation package prices simply because there are too many types and qualities of materials involved and various HDB renovation design ideas to begin with. For example, built-in wooden furniture & furnishings come in many wood types and designs. As such, our HDB renovation costs are often custom-made and designed for customers.

Size of HDB Flat

The cost of renovation depends primarily on the number of rooms such as bedrooms, bathroom, toilets, kitchen, living room, etc as the size of the HDB flat will determine the extent of labour and the quantity of materials used. Apart from the size of the HDB flat, the renovation design requirements such as the type and quality of material choices, design intricacies, logistical support, etc. also largely determine the renovation quotation.

Of course there are also other considerations that will affect the HDB renovation package prices, depending on the type of HDB flat you purchase or are occupying.

HDB Resale Renovation Packages or Renovation for New HDB Flats

For example, if you buy a BTO (Built-To-Order) HDB flat, it would have come with floor finishes and bedroom and bathroom doors installed, therefore this will save you some renovation costs.

Newly bought HDB flats will also mean no hacking required to remove any existing wall and floor finishes such as floor tiles, old paint, or any existing built-in furniture. This will again take a fraction off your renovation quotation.

Depending on the age of the resale flat you are renovating, the condition of the walls may require plastering to even out the surfaces before a fresh coat of paint can be applied, the cement screed of the floors may require levelling up for the proper laying of tiles. Other additional scopes may also include electrical & plumbing works. Where wet works are involved, you will be required to apply for a HDB Renovation Permit through your HDB renovation contractors or the interior design firms that you engage prior to any HDB renovation works you carry out in Singapore.

If you have intention to renovate your HDB flat, contact us now for a non-obligatory appointment. We’d be happy to be of service to you.