Living Room & Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for Small Rooms & Loft Apartments

The idea of loft living has in recent time become increasingly appealing and appreciated by a lot of people across the world, and of late, in Singapore due to the smaller floor areas of apartments. A loft apartment is described as a large adjustable open space that can be converted from their original uses to a residential use. Most lofts, until recently, usually were commercial or industrial buildings that have been converted into apartments for residential purpose. Apart from having wide open space without internal walls, especially in western cities, loft apartments also have features like high ceiling, mezzanine floors, exposed ventilator tubes, piping, and support beams and poles.

Small Living Room and Bedroom Designs and Ideas in Singapore

It is often difficult to create living room design ideas or bedroom designs in a loft apartment because it has a continuous open space. However in order to create a living room design or bedroom design and other separate places such as the kitchen area, dining area etc, in your loft space, a good way is to use furniture as dividers. For example, it is easy to separate an open kitchen and living area by making use of high kitchen tables.

Space Demarcation by Floor Finishes

Carpeting or various floor finishes can also be used to distinguish one area from the other. The living room design and bedroom design in terms of carpeting or floor finishing can be different from the kitchen area. You can also use rugs to designate certain areas by strategically placing them. You can place a rug at the center of an area with furniture surrounding it to create a living room design. It can also be placed diagonally to show the direction from one room to another.

Room Delineation with Paint Colors

Another tip that will be helpful in the interior designs of living rooms or bedrooms in a loft apartment is the use of paints. Painting one side of the walls in your loft apartment with one color and the other side with a different color can also help distinguish different areas. One certain color can be chosen for the living room design and another for the kitchen area.

Area Separation & Space Saver with Different Types of Furniture

The type of furniture you use in your loft apartment and how you do the arrangement is also very important. When buying furniture, you should consider the types that will not take up so much space in your apartment. Potted plants can also be strategically placed to separate one area from another. Beds and even bookshelves can be pulled out of the walls when they are needed to be used, and can be folded away, especially the bed during the day so that you can have a wider space for something else. You may also want to consider having loft beds that can double up as a work station or office area beneath.

Creation of Illusionary Bigger Space with Mirrors

You can position mirrors strategically to give the impression of a larger room for your small loft apartment. Mirrors can make a room that is small to appear bigger. Care should be taken when placing the mirrors to the wall since a lot of lofts have brick walls, and therefore may be difficult to hang anything there.

You can have a simple but yet, an elegant look for your small loft apartment if you place the furniture at the right corners of the room. Create spaces between furniture for easy movement when arranging the place. Do not forget to add accessories such as curtains, pillows, lamps and make sure they have a match with other objects inside to enhance your living room design.

Loft & Mezzanine Floors

Loft living, loft apartments, duplexes and SoHos, whatever you call them today, are home-cum-studios that have evolved since poor artists who lived in former industrial buildings in New York back in the 1950s. Primarily, the idea of loft apartments is attractive because these spaces offer cheap rents and ample spaces to both live and work in. For the loft dwellers, maximum space at minimum cost is what matters. Loft homes are popular also because it allows one to be in charge of the completely open space and the expression of one’s personality.

Urban Loft Living in Singapore

The need for free space in densely-built Singapore for urbanites is not driven only by the rising property prices . Spaces without compartmentalization presents an absence of interior walls and fosters a sense of spaciousness and luminosity. This makes city loft living ideas increasingly in demand as flats, apartments and homes in Singapore are shrinking in floor areas by the day. Singaporeans are looking at dual or multiple purpose spaces within the same air space. Ironically put, it is the same “accident of economic misfortune” that hits developed cities like New York in the 1950s that hits us today. The common trigger would be the high housing costs and the lack of buildable land.

Mezzanine floor level deck design Singapore

The Loft vs The Loft Bed

Lofts are not to be confused with loft beds. Loft beds entail the pretext of ‘loft’ being two-level concept that saves space and maximizes it for multiple functions at the same time. However loft beds per se are similar to bunk beds except that the void below, if not being used for sleep, serves the purpose of a study, living or working space; pretty much a piece of furniture on its own that only harnesses the concept of a loft.

A loft comprises an inhabitable space as a whole, complete with a mezzanine decking, or a sub-floor; which is a platform level where a second tier of volume is created for a bedroom, office space, library, etc.

The idea of a loft design is basically to harmonize a two-level space of a home or building to fuse the living and working atmospheres seamlessly into one single space due to their flexible functionality, informality and fluent communication. Its fundamental intent is to challenge the physical space constraint by getting creative with the use of spaces.

Loft bedroom interior design ideas Singapore

Space-saving Ideas

Going deeper into the whole loft living concept will also mean doubling up the function or use of a particular element or a feature. Like in the case of loft beds, stairs with steps leading up to the mezzanine floor can be integrated with storage compartments, with flip-down panels or pull-out drawers for access.


A loft idea wouldn’t be called one if the resident does not have a panoramic view of the surroundings and the open interior. The components of a loft apartment are essentially laid out in an uninterrupted manner in pursuit of open space and air. Translucent curtains, white walls and optimal natural lighting are ways to enhance this spirit. There needs to have not just “vertical communication” between the interior spaces but their relation with the exteriors as well. A loft concept should always present an honest visibility so you can see the outside world no matter where you are.

Loft Apartment Interior Designs & Ideas

Creating a Sense of Openness

Glass walls and balustrades are commonly found in lofts and applied internally as interior separators to delineate living spaces yet remain that seamless transitions between them. When there is transparency, the space appears expansive and is relatable.

Taking Care of an Open Loft’s Acoustics & Privacy

Having a loft concept does not necessarily mean privacy and solidarity will have to be compromised. Hinged walls or pivoted panels made of chipboard material for example, could siphon off external sounds. These walls can be swung or rotated close to hide the loft space for private withdrawal or, they can be opened to expose the bedroom to blur the boundaries once again between sleep and the rest of the communal spaces.

Multiple-Storey Living Space

Loft apartment interior mezzanine floors design ideas

Loft styles are not limited to only double storeys. With two or more mezzanine decking one can achieve a vertical communication between several levels of living spaces and their various functions. For example, high ceiling heights in penthouses or vast air wells in courtyard-styled houses allow one to build platforms and cantilever space pods in staggered manner and link them by steps. In this way, more functional tiers can be achieved without any headroom interferences.  Loft room design ideas at air well

Elevating Floors to Create Storage 

Loft bedroom on raised platform design

The idea of loft living is not construed only with suspended flooring. A sub-floor per se can be created by raising an existing floor level of a room. Cabinets, drawers and storage systems can then be built from the bottom up and incorporated as part of the room’s façade, not only for easy accessibility (storage compartments located higher may need ladder for reach) but for optimal use of space too since the area below the ceiling is often taken up by beams.