Subcontractors | Subcontracting Company Services Singapore

If you’re construction companies or main contractors looking for subcontractors for subcontracting companies doing construction services in Singapore, such as carpentry and renovation services, interior fittings and installations, we are your one-stop resource centre for you. We have worked with leading developers in Singapore in wood furniture carpentry and retrofitting works for batches of units in great volume. We welcome main and general contractors to work with us on building and individual projects in Singapore.

Subcontracting Works We Provide in Singapore

We’re not only well versed as a subcontractor company, we pride ourselves in every respective field of our subcontracting works as follows.

Renovation Contractor Services

We provide renovation contractor services for all kinds of residential projects (eg. condominiums,3 or 4 room HDB flats renovations, refurbishing or addition and alteration works to landed houses, other private properties, etc), commercial projects (office renovations, hotels, clubhouses, etc) as well as industrial and institutional projects. Our renovation works cover a full range of contracting services including furniture design and customization, furnishing, doors, windows and grilles installations, electrical and plumbing works, wet works (eg. tiling, masonry, plastering works), painting services, dismantling and demolition works, etc.

Carpentry Services

We have been carpentry contractors to established developers in Singapore who have worked on notable projects in terms of custom made furniture such as tv consoles, custom made wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, and vanity tops, tables and cabinets, laminated flooring. We are well-versed in project-based jobs, and are experienced with working on residential (condominium, HDB), commercial and industrial development sites.

Interior Design Services with In-housed Designers!

We’re also an interior design company with our very own designers. Unlike other interior design companies in Singapore that mostly outsource to other carpentry contractors, we have our own factory where we manufacture and create our furniture designs under our very own supervision and within our very own operation. As such, our prices can be relatively lower. We offer our interior design services to HDB flats, condominiums, houses, offices, etc, wherever interior spaces for living or working are concerned.

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