Custom Wood Furniture

We have a team of experienced custom wood furniture makers and have been in the wood furniture making industry for decades. We are a wooden furniture manufacturer and we specialize in wooden furniture designs and carpentry services in Singapore. Our team of woodworkers possess professional craftsmanship and are dedicated in delivering quality woodworks designs at affordable renovation packages in Singapore to customers.

BookshelvesTypes of Wood Furniture we manufacture

We operate directly from our factory in Singapore and manufacture a wide range and different types of wood furniture such as quality living room and bedroom wood furniture sets for both children and adults including wooden sideboard furniture, sofa furniture, bed frames, dressers, doors, etc, as well as wooden storage furniture like wardrobes, cupboards, display cabinets, book shelves, etc. We also build wooden office furniture like cabinets, shelving, work desks for our corporate clients. We always strive to adhere to customers’ preferences and modern and classic wooden furniture designs.

Wooden Wardrobes

We work with mostly wood when making wardrobe furniture. However we also do composite wardrobe designs, for example, using frosted glass panel with wooden or aluminium frames for the wardrobe door panels. The wood material can be further spray painted for a single colour choice or sections of different colours for a more interesting look. Alternatively, there are a variety of finishes such as synthetic laminates or wood veneers to choose from.

Wood kitchen cabinets

Likewise for wooden kitchen furniture, the kitchen carpentry comprises mostly woodworks, complete with either corian, solid wood or acrylic counter tops. We also work with marble or granite slabs for the work tops for a more luxurious look. Like wardrobes, our material finishes to the wood surfaces of the cabinets include veneers,melamine (plastic) laminates such as Formica brand, and post-form treatment.

Our services include taking site measurements and offering value-added advisory services to customers in terms of built-in wooden furniture designs for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. We offer two tone furniture designs, decorative wall paneling and trimming, and wooden parquet flooring services as well as other wood furnishings and timber treatments.

TV cabinet consoleTypes of Wood We Use

We are versatile with various types of wood for furniture, as such we are skilled in handling teak wood furniture, rose wood furniture, cherry wood furniture, etc. To suit different needs and budget, we also deal with solid wood furniture as well as veneer & laminated wood furniture. For customers who prefer solid wood furniture, we usually recommend nyatoh wood, which is reasonably priced and very durable.

Wood finishes

We also offer different wood finishes for furniture; depending on what the customers want; we offer glossy, semi-gloss, as well as matt finishes. These usually are applied in the form of clear lacquer and varnishes.

Wood staining

When staining of different timber tones is required, we can also provide wood staining services for dark wooden furniture or flooring. For neutral tones, we will just be sanding down the existing coat to reveal the original undertone or colour of the wood and then finally giving it a clear finish using wood sealers.