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Custom Glass Display Cabinets

We have recently done some full height glass display cabinets with matching laminate material at the top and base panels to match the finish of the accent wall of the customer’s reception area, so that the color scheme of the lobby area ties in seamlessly as a whole.

They had requested for down lights to be integrated to bring focus to the trophies and awards that they have accomplished. This not only sets a warm ambience but also draws the attention of the guests to their prized collection upon entering the area. Where cabinet lighting is concerned, space will need to be catered to house the wiring of down lights like these in the form of a box-up feature on top.

Custom display cabinets with frameless glass doors singapore

Display Cabinets with Frameless Glass Doors

The customer has requested for frameless glass display cabinets. This means the overall look of this glass show case has to come with clean lines, with all shelving, fixed and door panels all made in clear tempered glass, so that the whole display cabinet looks like a transparent glass box.

Tempered Glass Doors and Shelves Fittings For Cabinets

The intervals of the shelving were mindfully considered to accommodate the heights of their prized accolades, because unlike adjustable shelving that requires back support strips and thicker brackets, stud and pin-like shelving supports are used to secure and fix the shelves into positions at the side, leaving the back glass panel completely clear.

Tempered Glass Shelves Thickness

The thickness of the shelves is worked base on the span across the shelf (width), and its depth, as well as the expected load of the items that will be placed on them for load distribution. In this case, 8mm thick tempered glass shelf panels are used. For bulkier and heavier items such as books in the case of a glass bookcase, the thickness of the shelves can be thicker.

Frameless Glass Doors Hinges

The frameless tempered glass doors are supported with pivot hinges at the corners to give optimal transparency and see-through clear views into the glass cabinet. The lock set to the glass doors is optional.


Subcontractors | Subcontracting Company Services Singapore

If you’re construction companies or main contractors looking for subcontractors for subcontracting companies doing construction services in Singapore, such as carpentry and renovation services, interior fittings and installations, we are your one-stop resource centre for you. We have worked with leading developers in Singapore in wood furniture carpentry and retrofitting works for batches of units in great volume. We welcome main and general contractors to work with us on building and individual projects in Singapore.

Subcontracting Works We Provide in Singapore

We’re not only well versed as a subcontractor company, we pride ourselves in every respective field of our subcontracting works as follows.

Renovation Contractor Services

We provide renovation contractor services for all kinds of residential projects (eg. condominiums,3 or 4 room HDB flats renovations, refurbishing or addition and alteration works to landed houses, other private properties, etc), commercial projects (office renovations, hotels, clubhouses, etc) as well as industrial and institutional projects. Our renovation works cover a full range of contracting services including furniture design and customization, furnishing, doors, windows and grilles installations, electrical and plumbing works, wet works (eg. tiling, masonry, plastering works), painting services, dismantling and demolition works, etc.

Carpentry Services

We have been carpentry contractors to established developers in Singapore who have worked on notable projects in terms of custom made furniture such as tv consoles, custom made wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, and vanity tops, tables and cabinets, laminated flooring. We are well-versed in project-based jobs, and are experienced with working on residential (condominium, HDB), commercial and industrial development sites.

Interior Design Services with In-housed Designers!

We’re also an interior design company with our very own designers. Unlike other interior design companies in Singapore that mostly outsource to other carpentry contractors, we have our own factory where we manufacture and create our furniture designs under our very own supervision and within our very own operation. As such, our prices can be relatively lower. We offer our interior design services to HDB flats, condominiums, houses, offices, etc, wherever interior spaces for living or working are concerned.

Contact us through phone, email or form for any enquiry on our services or contracting collaboration opportunities now.

Pull Out Beds Singapore

Pull out beds are basically low platform beds or divan beds with castor wheels beneath on which mattresses are set, that are tucked under the spaces below typical beds. They are designed to be on wheels for the convenience of mobility, not just for the ease of pulling it out and pushing back in for regular users, but also for the lightened load of having to move it around the house to be placed at a different location as required.

Pull Out Bed for Loft Bed Frame

Pull out beds are widely customized for loft bed designs because of how flexible they are in integrating with the whole structure. They can be moved into the void below the loft space to form a bunk bed. Suppose along the way you decide not to have a double bunk bed anymore, say, one of the brothers have moved out, the other sibling may want to convert the space below into a working/ studying area or to have a custom made wardrobe, bookshelfs or display cabinet installed there for more storage. For this reason, some home owners prefer to have a pull out bed below their loft bed as a separately movable unit for bedroom layout flexibility purpose.

A pull out bed need not be just a simple box for the mattress, or just as a movable divan base with a futon laid on top. Since we customize pull out beds, we can also include a light headboard or footboard design to tie in with the rest of the loft bed design.

Pull Out Sofa Beds

Pull out bed features need not always be incorporated with only beds per se, they can also be part of the pull-out feature of a sofa, i.e. sofa bed. Pull out beds stowed away under a sofa frame are excellent bedroom space-saving ideas. However the pull-out bed design will often have to be considered with the sofa’s design and aesthetics such as the upholstery (fabric, piping, stitching, etc) and the detailing of the wheels to complement the sofa legs as well, so that when it is tucked away under the sofa, they form as one.

Pull Out vs Rollaway Beds

Unlike the concept of rollaway beds in hotel bedrooms, pull-out beds for homes are not expected to be foldable and be kept away from the bedroom. Pull out beds are designed to offer additional bed space whether or not the person sleeping in is a regular family member or just a sleepover guest. Pull out beds are permanent features that form part of the main beds. When stowed away, it should be neatly concealed under the main bed as part of it, like a giant drawer of a cabinet.

Single, Queen Pull Out Bed Frames and More

Pull out beds are essentially movable platforms mostly made of wood frames, sometimes metal frames, designed with a recess to hold the box spring, futon or mattress in place so they won’t move about. The depths of how you’d like the mattress to set into the pull-out platform can be customized; so are the sizes, i.e. we manufacture single and queen pull out bed frames, as well as other non-standard sizes. Call us or simply fill up the form on the right and we’d be more happy to help.

Bed Lofts with Desks & More!

Bed lofts are basically mezzanine floors that allow an air space to be dissected into 2 so that there is an upper storey created for an additional study or a bedroom. The concept of a bed loft represents a double volume space that is well used. Bed lofts optimize the air space that would have otherwise been wasted if the interior were to be only used on the ground level. Bed lofts are often confused with loft beds; they are in fact two very different things, although both share the same concept of saving space.

Bed Lofts vs Loft Beds

For loft beds, they are essentially bed frames that some people refer to as “bunk beds”. However they are slightly different from bunk beds as well, as bunk beds can mean having two to three tiers of bed decks, whereas loft beds comprise the top level being the bed and the void below to be used for another purpose, such as a working desk corner, or with cabinets or cupboards built there for additional storage solutions.

Bed lofts are floor decks that are built midway between the ground level and the ceiling, and this is possible only if the space has a high ceiling and a greater span of interior. Bed lofts can be considered as additional layers of floor areas usually to be used as a bedroom, hence the term “bed lofts”. For loft beds, you do not need a high ceiling to accommodate them. For typical HDB flats or condominiums with ceiling heights from 2.4 to 2.6 metres, loft beds can be built within the bedroom space. The height of loft beds measured from the floor to the mattress is typically around 2 metres, leaving a clearance height of about half a meter, lesser or more. The void below will leave a comfortable clear height of about 1.5 metre so it is still ideal for daily activities to be performed such as accessing into wardrobes, bookshelves or getting into work stations.

Bed lofts, on the other hand, create additional bedrooms out of bigger and higher interior spaces from cantilevered platforms with areas comfortable enough. Whereas a loft bed is simply elevating a bed to a certain height so as to have additional spaces below the bed for other uses.

Bed Lofts: Frames and Structures

Bed lofts can be built using structural members made of wood or metal, such as the cantilevered platform and the stairs. This projected mezzanine decking is usually fixed on 2 or 3 sides of the walls, depending on how open you want the bed loft to be, and it is usually barricaded by railing that is made of glass, wood or metal. It can also be completely closed up by partition or walls just like any other room, and be made accessible by sliding or openable panels or a door leading to the stairs way down. The space below the bed loft can be used for a variety of purposes. There are customers who’d wanted to build a bed loft on top of full sized wardrobes, and even above their kitchen for their domestic helper to call her bedroom. And then there are those who have ample spaces below the bed lofts of which are converted to walk-in wardrobes, studies or even dressing rooms or another sleeping area below it. So you get two smaller bedrooms, one on top of the other for privacy as well.

Make Bed Lofts Lofty in Apartments

It is important to note that before you embark on the idea of building a bed loft, ensure that there are full-height windows that are able to give you both light and ventilation from the bottom up, This is so that when the bed loft is built, both the mezzanine level and the area below get sufficient sunlight and ventilation for the areas to function optimally.

Bookshelf Designs and Functional Bookshelves

When we do bookshelf designs for customers, there are a few considerations to make. Not only do we need to customize the bookshelves base on the designs the customers want, we also need to look into the installation methods, the load and any double function of the bookshelf units, if any.

Bookshelf Design Considerations

Wall Bookshelf Designs & Installations

How the bookshelves are installed depends very much on where they’re located in the space. For instance, wall-mounted bookshelves (on ground) compared to wall hung bookshelves (off ground) requires lesser connectors to hold them together. The overall weight of the bookshelf design can also afford to be heavier and involve more solid elements because of the support from the ground on which it is seated.

Loading of the Bookshelves

Bookshelves have to sturdy in order to store books which can be heavy especially when they are compactly placed collectively. Some homeowners place heavy vases and artifacts on their bookshelf units too.

Bookshelf Mobility Design Aspects

Some customers prefer their bookshelves to be of a revolving nature mechanized by a turning axial, to offer double sides of use of the bookcase to the user. Some prefer their bookcase to be on rollers for layout flexibility, and then there are some who very cleverly incorporated an open book cabinet design into the stairs unit to their loft bed designs.

Below is an example of how this can be done:

Loft bed bookshelf designs ideas singapore

Bookshelf functions as Furniture Designs

Bookshelf units can be put into many creative designs and double up as useful furniture pieces. We have a few to share with you here:

Bookshelf as a Feature Wall Design

Bookshelf Feature Wall Designs and Ideas

The above illustrates how a bookcase display unit can also double up as a bedhead design. The wall above your bed need not be just a wall, it can be niche for books as long as you extend it from the wooden bed head, give it some down lights or mirrored finish, the whole bedroom can look very well put together and perfect your night time reading before sleep.

Bookshelf as Space Divider Designs

Bookshelves unit designs as space dividers Singapore

Bookshelves are great for demarcating spaces. Bookshelves or bookcases for this function are preferred to be of a skeletal frame and see-through with no backing, because that will give a sense of a well-ventilated space yet clearly compartmentalize the interiors. You still want light and wind to seep through the bookshelf and not make them look like stumbling blocks in your living space.

Bookshelf Sliding Walls or Partition Designs

Bookshelf Sliding Walls Designs Ideas Singapore

These kind of bookcase sliding walls or doors are seen in usually bigger living spaces where the homeowners prefer to make their spaces smaller, for example, in carving out a study out of their big living area. So they build an archway of beams and columns and complete the passageway with either swing or sliding or even revolving walls for some.

This is a clever way of utilizing the thickness or the depth of walls and doors as display bookshelf or storage cabinets.

Loft & Mezzanine Floors

Loft living, loft apartments, duplexes and SoHos, whatever you call them today, are home-cum-studios that have evolved since poor artists who lived in former industrial buildings in New York back in the 1950s. Primarily, the idea of loft apartments is attractive because these spaces offer cheap rents and ample spaces to both live and work in. For the loft dwellers, maximum space at minimum cost is what matters. Loft homes are popular also because it allows one to be in charge of the completely open space and the expression of one’s personality.

Urban Loft Living in Singapore

The need for free space in densely-built Singapore for urbanites is not driven only by the rising property prices . Spaces without compartmentalization presents an absence of interior walls and fosters a sense of spaciousness and luminosity. This makes city loft living ideas increasingly in demand as flats, apartments and homes in Singapore are shrinking in floor areas by the day. Singaporeans are looking at dual or multiple purpose spaces within the same air space. Ironically put, it is the same “accident of economic misfortune” that hits developed cities like New York in the 1950s that hits us today. The common trigger would be the high housing costs and the lack of buildable land.

Mezzanine floor level deck design Singapore

The Loft vs The Loft Bed

Lofts are not to be confused with loft beds. Loft beds entail the pretext of ‘loft’ being two-level concept that saves space and maximizes it for multiple functions at the same time. However loft beds per se are similar to bunk beds except that the void below, if not being used for sleep, serves the purpose of a study, living or working space; pretty much a piece of furniture on its own that only harnesses the concept of a loft.

A loft comprises an inhabitable space as a whole, complete with a mezzanine decking, or a sub-floor; which is a platform level where a second tier of volume is created for a bedroom, office space, library, etc.

The idea of a loft design is basically to harmonize a two-level space of a home or building to fuse the living and working atmospheres seamlessly into one single space due to their flexible functionality, informality and fluent communication. Its fundamental intent is to challenge the physical space constraint by getting creative with the use of spaces.

Loft bedroom interior design ideas Singapore

Space-saving Ideas

Going deeper into the whole loft living concept will also mean doubling up the function or use of a particular element or a feature. Like in the case of loft beds, stairs with steps leading up to the mezzanine floor can be integrated with storage compartments, with flip-down panels or pull-out drawers for access.


A loft idea wouldn’t be called one if the resident does not have a panoramic view of the surroundings and the open interior. The components of a loft apartment are essentially laid out in an uninterrupted manner in pursuit of open space and air. Translucent curtains, white walls and optimal natural lighting are ways to enhance this spirit. There needs to have not just “vertical communication” between the interior spaces but their relation with the exteriors as well. A loft concept should always present an honest visibility so you can see the outside world no matter where you are.

Loft Apartment Interior Designs & Ideas

Creating a Sense of Openness

Glass walls and balustrades are commonly found in lofts and applied internally as interior separators to delineate living spaces yet remain that seamless transitions between them. When there is transparency, the space appears expansive and is relatable.

Taking Care of an Open Loft’s Acoustics & Privacy

Having a loft concept does not necessarily mean privacy and solidarity will have to be compromised. Hinged walls or pivoted panels made of chipboard material for example, could siphon off external sounds. These walls can be swung or rotated close to hide the loft space for private withdrawal or, they can be opened to expose the bedroom to blur the boundaries once again between sleep and the rest of the communal spaces.

Multiple-Storey Living Space

Loft apartment interior mezzanine floors design ideas

Loft styles are not limited to only double storeys. With two or more mezzanine decking one can achieve a vertical communication between several levels of living spaces and their various functions. For example, high ceiling heights in penthouses or vast air wells in courtyard-styled houses allow one to build platforms and cantilever space pods in staggered manner and link them by steps. In this way, more functional tiers can be achieved without any headroom interferences.  Loft room design ideas at air well

Elevating Floors to Create Storage 

Loft bedroom on raised platform design

The idea of loft living is not construed only with suspended flooring. A sub-floor per se can be created by raising an existing floor level of a room. Cabinets, drawers and storage systems can then be built from the bottom up and incorporated as part of the room’s façade, not only for easy accessibility (storage compartments located higher may need ladder for reach) but for optimal use of space too since the area below the ceiling is often taken up by beams.

TV Console Designs

We customize wood tv console designs in oak, cherry and many other materials specified by our customers both in solid wood frames as well as in veneer or laminate finishes. We keep in mind that the designs of the tv consoles and tv display cabinets have to be functional and contemporary and modern-looking at the same time.

Designs of Modern TV Consoles

Most people opt for modern and contemporary designs for their tv consoles as they are evergreen and easier to mix and match with the other furniture. TV console is the main center piece in the living room or bedroom; many often it doubles up as the main display cabinet in the house. If you set it as the main feature of a room, it is wise to keep the design as modish- looking and current as you like as this will also save you some time and money in having to replace it once it grows out of trend; especially if the tv console has an impact of tying in the design theme with the rest of the furniture pieces together.

Modern tv consoles designs Singapore

What makes a modern or contemporary tv console design?

Lesser Clutter, Minimalism

The lesser intricacies and detailing a piece of furniture has, the easier it is for the eyes because it offers more light reflection, hence the sense of space, visually. It may not be technically true that a minimalistic furniture increases space but it certainly help to ‘de-clutter’ your vision. Simple tricks such as bigger panels, frameless system, going knob-less, are all workable for a modern cabinetry design approach.

Linear Forms

Shelving that is sparsely inter-spaced, frames that are of straight-cut edges, wood grains or grooves that run vertically or length-wise are all linear aspects of the design. Linear patterns, when not overly-done, can create a crisp and sharp look, giving off a modern and avant-garde feel. Notice the contrary is true for furniture of retro designs which tend to do with more fluid forms or with elements of varying angles.

Color Tones & Blocks

Colour tones are important for modern furniture. Stylish and contemporary pieces often echo monochromes to defy conventionalism or neutral tones to depict organic colors and timelessness.

The saying “less is more” is not just a modern approach to doing things but also aptly applicable to the thing, in this case, the tv console furniture itself. We advise customers to stick to not more than three blocks of colours so as to maintain an incomplex design. While modernism is not just about black and white, involving too many colours complicates the intent and draws attention from the style appreciation.

Tv Consoles for Flat Screens

 Tv consoles can be standalone low cabinets for tv stands or can be wall mounted and integrated with a panel backing for flat screens or plasma televisions to be mounted on as well. Having a sideboard with an extended back panel enables more design like shelving, top hung cabinets, pigeon holes, etc to be incorporated. The most advantageous of all is that all cables and wires linking to your audio and visual equipment can be at the ‘back of house’ and out of sight from the front perspective.

For a fancier tv console design idea, one can create an alcove or niche like what we have done in the middle picture and make use of some cove lighting to brighten up that corner.


Loft Beds Designs: a Space-Saver!

Loft Bed | Singapore Design RenovationLoft beds are getting increasingly popular in Singapore due to its compacted, stackable designs that not only save tons of bedroom space but also allow multiple-functional use of the same space. The void underneath the upper-decked bed is open for other usage, other than including another bed on the lower deck in the case of a double decker bed.

In this article we share with you how creative and multi-functional loft beds, or some call bunk beds, can be, and how the bed frame can integrate with other custom wooden furniture or extended to another usable component altogether.

Loft Bed Designs and Ideas

Using the same floor space twice or even thrice!

Loft beds are basically a high-decked bed of which the bed frame is elevated to a greater height than a normal bed’s height from the floor, with the support of structures below or suspension from the ceiling. It comes with either an attachment or mobile component for accessing up and down the bed usually in the form of ladder, steps or/ and slide.

You may be surprised even with the standard HDB flats ceiling height of about 2.4 metres, loft beds remain doable and help an otherwise small bedroom to free up a significant amount of space.

Allows one to sleep on top of the other – Double Deck Bed Frames

Because loft beds are made of double deck frames, or sometimes even triple deck (triple bunk beds), they allow multiple persons to sleep on top of another instead of having individual beds laid out across the floor, thus serving the purpose of doubling or tripling the use of the same space.

Study desk or Work station Integration

Sleeping is but one of the many uses you can explore out of a bunk bed structure. The void space beneath the high deck bed can be used to accommodate a work station or a study area complete with bookshelf, cabinet units and even built-in table and benches.

You can choose to integrate these storage units with the bed posts or have them in loose furniture tucked under the void space for flexible layout planning or easy switching up of the furniture from time to time.

Storage Stairs for Bunk Beds

Easy accessibility to the upper deck of the bed has to be provided for especially for kids’ bunk beds. For younger children, safety has to be considered in the designing of loft beds as climbing up and down regularly can risk them falling off. Therefore storage stairs in the form of storage boxes staggered to form a short flight of steps with some kind of handrail support are particularly preferred for children bunk beds because they have deeper-set treads for more stability.

If your kid’s bedroom allows more space, you may also consider adding a fun touch by including a slide for them to slide down out of the bed instead of having to take the steps down.
These storage stairs units can also come with different configurations of pull-out drawers or cabinet compartments with swing or sliding doors in providing you more storage solutions for toys, books, stationery or even clothes and shoes.

For even more space-saving ideas, skinnier bunk bed ladders can replace storage stairs as they can be vertically attached to the bed frames and do not occupy a lot of space.

Loft Bed with Step Ladder

If storage is not the issue here, you can keep the loft bed design simple but having slimmer elements such as a step ladder instead of steps. Ladders allow more see-throughs as they are more schematic in form and thus show more depth and volume of a room.

Loft Beds with Step Ladder

Loft Bed Designs and Accessories

Loft beds also allow certain themes and decorative ideas to be incorporated. Because it is double-volume, loft beds give you that height and structure for free play. Girls may prefer a princess-themed bunk bed, then canopies complete with twinkling lightings can be added, or the whole bed frame can be designed to replicate a castle structure.

Some adults may like to have resort-style living, then certain drapery of mosquito netting material can also bring out this relaxing design intent and concept. Teens may like some privacy, so drapes and curtains are good options to keep parents’ prying eyes on them while they are sleeping. The safety handrails along the open sides of the bed can also be custom designed and decorated according to the customers’ wishes.

Loft Bed Designs Ideas Singapore

Loft beds for all adults or children need not be one on top of the other directly. If you have bay windows in your apartment, you may also wish to configure them in an “L” formation so at least one of them can be a daybed that offers excellent view while the void space below can be used for other purpose.

Loft Beds Design Specifications

Loft beds are best for landed properties with high attics so that there is more room and volume for comfort and not restricted to lower ceiling heights that may pose hazards for some.

However, in HDB flats, bunk beds can also be easily accommodated. Below are the height specifications as a guide for you in the case of a super single sized loft bed with work station below:
Height from floor to underside of the upper deck (work station headroom) – 1600 mm
Height of underside of bed to top of mattress – 250 mm
Headroom above (top most vertical clearance) – 550 mm

Loft beds can be of wood finish or metal frames or a mix of timber and metal elements. They are usually single or super-single sizes however there are also family beds that include a single bed frame above a queen sized bed below.

We manufacture loft beds in both Solid wood frames and plywood frames in veneer or laminate finish with optional molding and trimming.

Walk in Wardrobe Designs & Ideas

Layout, Design Plan, Arrangement & Visuals

Unless you have the luxury of having a spare room to be converted into your walk-in wardrobe, when it comes to designing walk-in wardrobes, it is best to locate it next to the master bathroom. A good sized condominium apartment would have ample space within the master bedroom for your wardrobe designer to carve out an area for a walk-in closet, by creating an aisle next to your master bath. This is also possible for some spacious and regularly-shaped bedrooms of HDB flats.

A possible walk-in wardrobe floor plan can be envisaged as a partition wall is erected and extend into a passageway from the bathroom door, creating an enclosed aisle, prior to be led into the bedroom space. It is ideal for walk-in closets to be next to bathrooms because after a shower, one naturally needs to get dressed.

Width of the Walk-in wardrobe Passageway

The clear width of a walk-in wardrobe needs to be at least 1 metre for us to walk through and select our clothes comfortably. However for some walk-in closet designs where there is ample space for, say, an island display or center table piece to be placed, the width can stretch to as far wide as your room permits, there is no limit.

Ergonomics & Habits

You would want your things to be easily accessible and within reach. Make a list of what you own and would like to store before designing your walk-in closet spaces.

Place things that are often used such as casual and work clothes and shoes at lower shelves or racks, and items that you will only use or change less frequently such as winter wear, coats and beddings in top most cabinets and luggage tucked at the bottom space.

For example, there may be more casual clothes that do not require that much ironing than work wear that needs to be hang down. In this case more drawers or shelving may be included instead of open closet spaces with hangar rods or what may otherwise be known as ‘open garment bars’.

Some may prefer to have a pull out cabinet or larder of some sort to stow away heavier stuffs such as luggage, ironing boards, etc. Having a pull-out mechanism in place will save you the hassle and exhaustion from taking out and keeping these things.

Other Design Ideas & Functions

If the closet space allows, you may even want a dressing mirror or a custom dresser table in there. This can save a lot of time from having to go in and out of the closet space just to check yourself in the bedroom mirror with different set of clothes or accessories each time.

Some of the walk-in closet ideas include a shoe bench to be incorporated into the wardrobe for easy trying of shoes and double up as a shoe cabinet or storage box at the same time.

Lighting & Colour Scheme

Having a sufficiently lit wardrobe space is a must, just so you know what you are wearing. If a dramatic chandelier or ceiling down lights is not your cup of tea, you may want your wardrobe interiors to have some concealed lighting. Walk-in wardrobe spaces are often not big, so try not to play with dark colours when it comes to your wardrobe wood furnishings. Most common choices include light wood finish or in white spray paint finish.

Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk in Wardrobes & Why

Fancy owning a walk-in closet that paves your way into your selections of clothes, shoes, make up, fashion accessories, etc, every morning?

Unlike standalone clothes wardrobes with fitted doors, walk in wardrobes offer more room and ease in the form of an aisle or passageway for easy access of things such as apparel, ties, belts, bags, shoes, and even beddings & luggage can be identified with at one glance. As they are built in modular or non-modular open wardrobes, custom cabinets or lined with open shelving, all your items are displayed conveniently within reach, similar to the concept of a boutique store.

In short, a walk in wardrobe is akin to a collective storage space of items that would have been stored in individual wooden furniture pieces such as cupboards, bedside tables, dressing tables, cabinets or even underneath your bed!

Clothes Storage & Organizer

Walk in closets do not only offer storage solutions, they also serve as a wardrobe cabinet organizer of your personal clothing, beddings and other personal belongings so that they do not clutter. The spaces of walk-in wardrobes are often designed to suit the customers’ preferred arrangement of things, therefore the wardrobe storage system will have designated compartments for different types of garments for easy mixing and matching and fittings, as well as custom shoe racks or shoe cabinets, tie racks, scarf racks or custom cabinets that house jewellery boxes for easy accessorizing and trying on. For example, where work wear is concerned, one may want to have the shirts compartment directly above the pants or skirts section for a quick mix-and-match session in deciding what to wear to work every morning. The rows of work tops hanging on the hangar rod in an open wardrobe makes it convenient for one’s fingers to run through what he or she wants to pick out for the day.

Ladies who own a sizable collection of shoes may want those heels or stilettos that are worn more often to be placed on forward-inclined open shelves while boots, sport shoes that are hardly worn be kept in enclosed shoe cabinets or shoe organizers.

Smaller accessories like cuff links, ear rings, ties & scarves are best stored in pull-out drawers with built-in accessories dividers. To have easier access and instant visibility, fabric items such as ties, shawls and scarves can either be stored in vertically arranged pigeon-hole compartments or may be draped vertically on racks. More valuable items such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches may be kept in a jewelry drawer, lined with felt fabric for protection against scratches.

With all these walk-in wardrobe systems in place, you will rarely misplace items or have the problem of not being able to find the things you want.

Optimization of Space

Walk-in wardrobes, like all built-in wardrobes, are built to the full height right up to the ceiling, and width stretched to fit into the length of the wall niche, allowing us to maximize our use of space. Ready-made wardrobes sold in furniture shops come in all sorts of heights and sizes, therefore they may end up wasting that space between the top and the ceiling. The spaces between the shelves inside the wardrobe may not accommodate the height of your files or books, and the width of the wardrobe may still leave some space between the wardrobe and the side of the wall niche.