When we do bookshelf designs for customers, there are a few considerations to make. Not only do we need to customize the bookshelves base on the designs the customers want, we also need to look into the installation methods, the load and any double function of the bookshelf units, if any.

Bookshelf Design Considerations

Wall Bookshelf Designs & Installations

How the bookshelves are installed depends very much on where they’re located in the space. For instance, wall-mounted bookshelves (on ground) compared to wall hung bookshelves (off ground) requires lesser connectors to hold them together. The overall weight of the bookshelf design can also afford to be heavier and involve more solid elements because of the support from the ground on which it is seated.

Loading of the Bookshelves

Bookshelves have to sturdy in order to store books which can be heavy especially when they are compactly placed collectively. Some homeowners place heavy vases and artifacts on their bookshelf units too.

Bookshelf Mobility Design Aspects

Some customers prefer their bookshelves to be of a revolving nature mechanized by a turning axial, to offer double sides of useĀ of the bookcase to the user. Some prefer their bookcase to be on rollers for layout flexibility, and then there are some who very cleverly incorporated an open book cabinet design into the stairs unit to their loft bed designs.

Below is an example of how this can be done:

Loft bed bookshelf designs ideas singapore

Bookshelf functions as Furniture Designs

Bookshelf units can be put into many creative designs and double up as useful furniture pieces. We have a few to share with you here:

Bookshelf as a Feature Wall Design

Bookshelf Feature Wall Designs and Ideas

The above illustrates how a bookcase display unit can also double up as a bedhead design. The wall above your bed need not be just a wall, it can be niche for books as long as you extend it from the wooden bed head, give it some down lights or mirrored finish, the whole bedroom can look very well put together and perfect your night time reading before sleep.

Bookshelf as Space Divider Designs

Bookshelves unit designs as space dividers Singapore

Bookshelves are great for demarcating spaces. Bookshelves or bookcases for this function are preferred to be of a skeletal frame and see-through with no backing, because that will give a sense of a well-ventilated space yet clearly compartmentalize the interiors. You still want light and wind to seep through the bookshelf and not make them look like stumbling blocks in your living space.

Bookshelf Sliding Walls or Partition Designs

Bookshelf Sliding Walls Designs Ideas Singapore

These kind of bookcase sliding walls or doors are seen in usually bigger living spaces where the homeowners prefer to make their spaces smaller, for example, in carving out a study out of their big living area. So they build an archway of beams and columns and complete the passageway with either swing or sliding or even revolving walls for some.

This is a clever way of utilizing the thickness or the depth of walls and doors as display bookshelf or storage cabinets.