We have recently done some full height glass display cabinets with matching laminate material at the top and base panels to match the finish of the accent wall of the customer’s reception area, so that the color scheme of the lobby area ties in seamlessly as a whole.

They had requested for down lights to be integrated to bring focus to the trophies and awards that they have accomplished. This not only sets a warm ambience but also draws the attention of the guests to their prized collection upon entering the area. Where cabinet lighting is concerned, space will need to be catered to house the wiring of down lights like these in the form of a box-up feature on top.

Custom display cabinets with frameless glass doors singapore

Display Cabinets with Frameless Glass Doors

The customer has requested for frameless glass display cabinets. This means the overall look of this glass show case has to come with clean lines, with all shelving, fixed and door panels all made in clear tempered glass, so that the whole display cabinet looks like a transparent glass box.

Tempered Glass Doors and Shelves Fittings For Cabinets

The intervals of the shelving were mindfully considered to accommodate the heights of their prized accolades, because unlike adjustable shelving that requires back support strips and thicker brackets, stud and pin-like shelving supports are used to secure and fix the shelves into positions at the side, leaving the back glass panel completely clear.

Tempered Glass Shelves Thickness

The thickness of the shelves is worked base on the span across the shelf (width), and its depth, as well as the expected load of the items that will be placed on them for load distribution. In this case, 8mm thick tempered glass shelf panels are used. For bulkier and heavier items such as books in the case of a glass bookcase, the thickness of the shelves can be thicker.

Frameless Glass Doors Hinges

The frameless tempered glass doors are supported with pivot hinges at the corners to give optimal transparency and see-through clear views into the glass cabinet. The lock set to the glass doors is optional.