Loft Bed | Singapore Design RenovationLoft beds are getting increasingly popular in Singapore due to its compacted, stackable designs that not only save tons of bedroom space but also allow multiple-functional use of the same space. The void underneath the upper-decked bed is open for other usage, other than including another bed on the lower deck in the case of a double decker bed.

In this article we share with you how creative and multi-functional loft beds, or some call bunk beds, can be, and how the bed frame can integrate with other custom wooden furniture or extended to another usable component altogether.

Loft Bed Designs and Ideas

Using the same floor space twice or even thrice!

Loft beds are basically a high-decked bed of which the bed frame is elevated to a greater height than a normal bed’s height from the floor, with the support of structures below or suspension from the ceiling. It comes with either an attachment or mobile component for accessing up and down the bed usually in the form of ladder, steps or/ and slide.

You may be surprised even with the standard HDB flats ceiling height of about 2.4 metres, loft beds remain doable and help an otherwise small bedroom to free up a significant amount of space.

Allows one to sleep on top of the other – Double Deck Bed Frames

Because loft beds are made of double deck frames, or sometimes even triple deck (triple bunk beds), they allow multiple persons to sleep on top of another instead of having individual beds laid out across the floor, thus serving the purpose of doubling or tripling the use of the same space.

Study desk or Work station Integration

Sleeping is but one of the many uses you can explore out of a bunk bed structure. The void space beneath the high deck bed can be used to accommodate a work station or a study area complete with bookshelf, cabinet units and even built-in table and benches.

You can choose to integrate these storage units with the bed posts or have them in loose furniture tucked under the void space for flexible layout planning or easy switching up of the furniture from time to time.

Storage Stairs for Bunk Beds

Easy accessibility to the upper deck of the bed has to be provided for especially for kids’ bunk beds. For younger children, safety has to be considered in the designing of loft beds as climbing up and down regularly can risk them falling off. Therefore storage stairs in the form of storage boxes staggered to form a short flight of steps with some kind of handrail support are particularly preferred for children bunk beds because they have deeper-set treads for more stability.

If your kid’s bedroom allows more space, you may also consider adding a fun touch by including a slide for them to slide down out of the bed instead of having to take the steps down.
These storage stairs units can also come with different configurations of pull-out drawers or cabinet compartments with swing or sliding doors in providing you more storage solutions for toys, books, stationery or even clothes and shoes.

For even more space-saving ideas, skinnier bunk bed ladders can replace storage stairs as they can be vertically attached to the bed frames and do not occupy a lot of space.

Loft Bed with Step Ladder

If storage is not the issue here, you can keep the loft bed design simple but having slimmer elements such as a step ladder instead of steps. Ladders allow more see-throughs as they are more schematic in form and thus show more depth and volume of a room.

Loft Beds with Step Ladder

Loft Bed Designs and Accessories

Loft beds also allow certain themes and decorative ideas to be incorporated. Because it is double-volume, loft beds give you that height and structure for free play. Girls may prefer a princess-themed bunk bed, then canopies complete with twinkling lightings can be added, or the whole bed frame can be designed to replicate a castle structure.

Some adults may like to have resort-style living, then certain drapery of mosquito netting material can also bring out this relaxing design intent and concept. Teens may like some privacy, so drapes and curtains are good options to keep parents’ prying eyes on them while they are sleeping. The safety handrails along the open sides of the bed can also be custom designed and decorated according to the customers’ wishes.

Loft Bed Designs Ideas Singapore

Loft beds for all adults or children need not be one on top of the other directly. If you have bay windows in your apartment, you may also wish to configure them in an “L” formation so at least one of them can be a daybed that offers excellent view while the void space below can be used for other purpose.

Loft Beds Design Specifications

Loft beds are best for landed properties with high attics so that there is more room and volume for comfort and not restricted to lower ceiling heights that may pose hazards for some.

However, in HDB flats, bunk beds can also be easily accommodated. Below are the height specifications as a guide for you in the case of a super single sized loft bed with work station below:
Height from floor to underside of the upper deck (work station headroom) – 1600 mm
Height of underside of bed to top of mattress – 250 mm
Headroom above (top most vertical clearance) – 550 mm

Loft beds can be of wood finish or metal frames or a mix of timber and metal elements. They are usually single or super-single sizes however there are also family beds that include a single bed frame above a queen sized bed below.

We manufacture loft beds in both Solid wood frames and plywood frames in veneer or laminate finish with optional molding and trimming.