Pull out beds are basically low platform beds or divan beds with castor wheels beneath on which mattresses are set, that are tucked under the spaces below typical beds. They are designed to be on wheels for the convenience of mobility, not just for the ease of pulling it out and pushing back in for regular users, but also for the lightened load of having to move it around the house to be placed at a different location as required.

Pull Out Bed for Loft Bed Frame

Pull out beds are widely customized for loft bed designs because of how flexible they are in integrating with the whole structure. They can be moved into the void below the loft space to form a bunk bed. Suppose along the way you decide not to have a double bunk bed anymore, say, one of the brothers have moved out, the other sibling may want to convert the space below into a working/ studying area or to have a custom made wardrobe, bookshelfs or display cabinet installed there for more storage. For this reason, some home owners prefer to have a pull out bed below their loft bed as a separately movable unit for bedroom layout flexibility purpose.

A pull out bed need not be just a simple box for the mattress, or just as a movable divan base with a futon laid on top. Since we customize pull out beds, we can also include a light headboard or footboard design to tie in with the rest of the loft bed design.

Pull Out Sofa Beds

Pull out bed features need not always be incorporated with only beds per se, they can also be part of the pull-out feature of a sofa, i.e. sofa bed. Pull out beds stowed away under a sofa frame are excellent bedroom space-saving ideas. However the pull-out bed design will often have to be considered with the sofa’s design and aesthetics such as the upholstery (fabric, piping, stitching, etc) and the detailing of the wheels to complement the sofa legs as well, so that when it is tucked away under the sofa, they form as one.

Pull Out vs Rollaway Beds

Unlike the concept of rollaway beds in hotel bedrooms, pull-out beds for homes are not expected to be foldable and be kept away from the bedroom. Pull out beds are designed to offer additional bed space whether or not the person sleeping in is a regular family member or just a sleepover guest. Pull out beds are permanent features that form part of the main beds. When stowed away, it should be neatly concealed under the main bed as part of it, like a giant drawer of a cabinet.

Single, Queen Pull Out Bed Frames and More

Pull out beds are essentially movable platforms mostly made of wood frames, sometimes metal frames, designed with a recess to hold the box spring, futon or mattress in place so they won’t move about. The depths of how you’d like the mattress to set into the pull-out platform can be customized; so are the sizes, i.e. we manufacture single and queen pull out bed frames, as well as other non-standard sizes. Call us or simply fill up the form on the right and we’d be more happy to help.