Layout, Design Plan, Arrangement & Visuals

Unless you have the luxury of having a spare room to be converted into your walk-in wardrobe, when it comes to designing walk-in wardrobes, it is best to locate it next to the master bathroom. A good sized condominium apartment would have ample space within the master bedroom for your wardrobe designer to carve out an area for a walk-in closet, by creating an aisle next to your master bath. This is also possible for some spacious and regularly-shaped bedrooms of HDB flats.

A possible walk-in wardrobe floor plan can be envisaged as a partition wall is erected and extend into a passageway from the bathroom door, creating an enclosed aisle, prior to be led into the bedroom space. It is ideal for walk-in closets to be next to bathrooms because after a shower, one naturally needs to get dressed.

Width of the Walk-in wardrobe Passageway

The clear width of a walk-in wardrobe needs to be at least 1 metre for us to walk through and select our clothes comfortably. However for some walk-in closet designs where there is ample space for, say, an island display or center table piece to be placed, the width can stretch to as far wide as your room permits, there is no limit.

Ergonomics & Habits

You would want your things to be easily accessible and within reach. Make a list of what you own and would like to store before designing your walk-in closet spaces.

Place things that are often used such as casual and work clothes and shoes at lower shelves or racks, and items that you will only use or change less frequently such as winter wear, coats and beddings in top most cabinets and luggage tucked at the bottom space.

For example, there may be more casual clothes that do not require that much ironing than work wear that needs to be hang down. In this case more drawers or shelving may be included instead of open closet spaces with hangar rods or what may otherwise be known as ‘open garment bars’.

Some may prefer to have a pull out cabinet or larder of some sort to stow away heavier stuffs such as luggage, ironing boards, etc. Having a pull-out mechanism in place will save you the hassle and exhaustion from taking out and keeping these things.

Other Design Ideas & Functions

If the closet space allows, you may even want a dressing mirror or a custom dresser table in there. This can save a lot of time from having to go in and out of the closet space just to check yourself in the bedroom mirror with different set of clothes or accessories each time.

Some of the walk-in closet ideas include a shoe bench to be incorporated into the wardrobe for easy trying of shoes and double up as a shoe cabinet or storage box at the same time.

Lighting & Colour Scheme

Having a sufficiently lit wardrobe space is a must, just so you know what you are wearing. If a dramatic chandelier or ceiling down lights is not your cup of tea, you may want your wardrobe interiors to have some concealed lighting. Walk-in wardrobe spaces are often not big, so try not to play with dark colours when it comes to your wardrobe wood furnishings. Most common choices include light wood finish or in white spray paint finish.