Walk in Wardrobes & Why

Fancy owning a walk-in closet that paves your way into your selections of clothes, shoes, make up, fashion accessories, etc, every morning?

Unlike standalone clothes wardrobes with fitted doors, walk in wardrobes offer more room and ease in the form of an aisle or passageway for easy access of things such as apparel, ties, belts, bags, shoes, and even beddings & luggage can be identified with at one glance. As they are built in modular or non-modular open wardrobes, custom cabinets or lined with open shelving, all your items are displayed conveniently within reach, similar to the concept of a boutique store.

In short, a walk in wardrobe is akin to a collective storage space of items that would have been stored in individual wooden furniture pieces such as cupboards, bedside tables, dressing tables, cabinets or even underneath your bed!

Clothes Storage & Organizer

Walk in closets do not only offer storage solutions, they also serve as a wardrobe cabinet organizer of your personal clothing, beddings and other personal belongings so that they do not clutter. The spaces of walk-in wardrobes are often designed to suit the customers’ preferred arrangement of things, therefore the wardrobe storage system will have designated compartments for different types of garments for easy mixing and matching and fittings, as well as custom shoe racks or shoe cabinets, tie racks, scarf racks or custom cabinets that house jewellery boxes for easy accessorizing and trying on. For example, where work wear is concerned, one may want to have the shirts compartment directly above the pants or skirts section for a quick mix-and-match session in deciding what to wear to work every morning. The rows of work tops hanging on the hangar rod in an open wardrobe makes it convenient for one’s fingers to run through what he or she wants to pick out for the day.

Ladies who own a sizable collection of shoes may want those heels or stilettos that are worn more often to be placed on forward-inclined open shelves while boots, sport shoes that are hardly worn be kept in enclosed shoe cabinets or shoe organizers.

Smaller accessories like cuff links, ear rings, ties & scarves are best stored in pull-out drawers with built-in accessories dividers. To have easier access and instant visibility, fabric items such as ties, shawls and scarves can either be stored in vertically arranged pigeon-hole compartments or may be draped vertically on racks. More valuable items such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches may be kept in a jewelry drawer, lined with felt fabric for protection against scratches.

With all these walk-in wardrobe systems in place, you will rarely misplace items or have the problem of not being able to find the things you want.

Optimization of Space

Walk-in wardrobes, like all built-in wardrobes, are built to the full height right up to the ceiling, and width stretched to fit into the length of the wall niche, allowing us to maximize our use of space. Ready-made wardrobes sold in furniture shops come in all sorts of heights and sizes, therefore they may end up wasting that space between the top and the ceiling. The spaces between the shelves inside the wardrobe may not accommodate the height of your files or books, and the width of the wardrobe may still leave some space between the wardrobe and the side of the wall niche.